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Coil slitting, cold-rolling of profiles

A majority of the Company's production is accounted for by slitting strips from coils and then rolling profiles out of them, as well as by the production of steel structures using these profiles. Incoming materials are slit using an SK-1300/110 slitting machine. After this, profiles are rolled on a BMD P160V/24 profile rolling mill. The mills are capable of cold-forming up to 3 mm thick galvanised and black sheets. Apart from producing more than 100 types of shaped profiles, a complete wall frame and purlin system has also been developed using Z and C profiles, up to a sheet thickness of 1-2.5 mm and a ridge height of 100-250 mm.

Steel type Z, ZM, C, U profiles

Gábor Kovács
Managing Director
László Radócz
Technical Director
Tibor Somogyi
Head of technology, welding specialist
Gábor Benke
Technical Manager
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